AutoLayer aims to protect the holders with multiple layers of security and secure the early adopters from dumping, inflation, and any other common and overlooked issues.

Ticker: $LAY3R

Contract Address: TBD

Chain: Arbitrum One.

Max Cap: 32,000,000 $LAY3R

AutoLayer Token Utility

The AutoLayer token is at the center of the entire Dapp, gaining value as the user base grows and rewarding its holders. To achieve this, a platform fee of 0.15% applies to every operation conducted on AutoLayer. This operation does not consume gas, as it is bundled with the rest of the initial transactions. In this operation, we will buy LAY3R and ETH on the market, and provide liquidity to the LAY3R/ETH pair. LP tokens are then sent to the user's wallet, and holding those LP Tokens will earn more LAY3R tokens over time. The longer the user holds them, the bigger the yield.

To calculate this, we'll use a simple formula:


The AutoLayer Team is fully committed to transparency regarding fees. Users can easily track and verify the fees associated with their transactions by reviewing the details on any blockchain scanner, ensuring clear visibility into the fee structure implemented by the platform.

Auto tokens

Points are in fashion, but you may find a need to exchange them for liquid assets. Every point system on AutoLayer will have a way to convert said points into said assets. Our primary product here will be vaults, and they will hold these points and convert them into liquid assets. These liquid assets are what we call Point-Derivatives. Every time a user claims these tokens, AutoLayer will mint a Liquid version of that token (TBD).

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