🪂AutoLayer User Airdrop

How can you become part of this airdrop?

AutoLayer Points

AutoLayer will allocate 55% of LAY3R supply via AutoLayer Points to our users, community and ecosystem.

Earn AutoLayer Points

Simply trade or mint once using AutoLayer. Just connect your wallet and start trading assets or strategies. The more you trade, the more points you gather, the better your chances. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn more.

The more you trade on AutoLayer, the more points you'll earn. These points determine how much you'll get in the airdrop. Trading more means more rewards.

More ways to join the LAY3R airdrop:

Join Community Campaigns

Get AutoLayer Genesis NFTs: Make sure you have at least one AutoLayer Genesis NFT in the same wallet where you trade. You can get these special NFTs by joining our Galxe Campaigns. Join our two Genesis Campaigns:

Rank among the top participants to earn your chance at claiming one of 800 exclusive Genesis NFTs.

Complete tasks for a chance to win AutoLayer Genesis NFTs! 200 random winners will be selected as recipients.

  1. Extra Points: If you took part in our Beta Test or have any Tortle Ninja NFTs, you'll earn extra points.

The terms of the airdrop may evolve to enhance conditions. We advise maintaining regular engagement on social media and community channels to stay updated.

Community Milestones

As 55% of the LAY3R supply will be allocated to our community, airdrops, and other incentives over a 5-year period. These airdrops will be distributed based on Community Milestones, which are activated by milestones achieved by the community. Community Milestones are associated with the maturity of AutoLayer and will be initially defined by the AutoLayer team and subsequently by the AutoLayer community.

Season 1: During the Token Generation Event (TGE), 1% of the total supply will be exclusively unlocked for AutoLayer users.

Season 2: This season will be activated once AutoLayer achieves 5,000 daily active users (DAU), thereby unlocking an additional 1% of the total supply.

Season 3: When the total volume traded on AutoLayer reaches $100 million, another 1% of the total supply will be unlocked.

The next season will be announced upon its achievement.

AutoLayer Points serve as incentives for the community to support our growth-based Community Milestones. Users who have supported AutoLayer on its journey will qualify for the following seasons.

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