AutoLayer Points System

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🟧 AutoLayer Points

AutoLayer rewards users with points for their trading activities and app engagement, where each dollar or equivalent asset traded earns 1 point. Recorded on smart contracts, these points herald a future of substantial value. With a compelling multiplier effect on select assets, actions, and strategies, users can earn extra points per dollar based on the multiplier coefficient.

Currently non-liquid and non-tradeable. Stay tuned for updates.

🟨 EigenLayer Points

By acquiring LRT tokens, users gain access to EigenLayer Points on AutoLayer. Users can check their position's points and liquidate them based on the asset. More details coming soon.

⏳ LRTs Points

Most LRTfi providers are distributing points depending on positions on their assets, with AutoLayer you will be able to control all these points and also liquidify some of them.

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